Reunion 2009


    The 50th Reunion of the date we all joined the RAF and arrived as raw young recruits to Halton went off well. Around 80 people turned up for a two day stay at the Telford Whitehouse Inn and the shindig got off to a good start on day one with copious amounts of drink consumed in the evening get-together in the room laid aside for us. many thanks to Mike Bryant for the running display which went on for most of the evening. I’m to blame for switching it off early, as announcements needed to be made and starting it up again slipped my mind – blame age and drink! The following day started with a tour of No 1 S of TT now at RAF Cosford (until it moves again to RAF St. Athan) where we were treated to a whistle stop tour of the modern training facilities. Personnel at RAF Cosford could not have been more helpful from the CO down and both myself and Dick Bogg have expressed our thanks to them. After the tour, there was time to visit the museum next door and to see the Cold War display – a must if you go to the museum. The evening was taken up with a trip to Dusty Browns Inn – the Jack Mytton – at Hindsford. The reason being that Dusty is never able to go to reunions – so I decided to take the reunion to him.  A bit if a trek but well worth it.  This was the only hitch of the day as I inadvertently left Al Hougham and his wife behind, however, being true brats, they immediately realized what had happened and drove to the venue. Dusty pulled out all the stops and the meal and the welcome were superb. For myself I must thank all who contributed to the framed Vulcan picture on glass that is in pride of place in my lounge and for the whiskey (all gone now sadly). After the trek back, the bar at the hotel had been kept open for us and the last of us trooped to be around 3 am. Next morning, breakfast took some time as no-one, I think really wanted to leave, but eventually the hotel was vacated .


Hotel 2009

Cosford 2009

Jack Mytton 2009

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December 2021 marked the 60th anniversary of our graduation, but as COVID still bit and lots of places were still under restrictions, I felt that a reunion later in 2022 would be worthwhile. Initially, I looked at the Bellhouse hotel again as that is where we had our graduation dinner, but they were overcharging for a private room, so that was a non starter.

Bristol seemed a popular choice so I plumped for that and a visit to the aerospace museum there. Decent hotels were a problem and I had to search further and further afield before plumping for the Bailbrook House Hotel just outside Bath on the advice of one of our members. This reunion is from the 19th to the 21st April.

Another reunion is the very last apprentice reunion at RAF Halton. Originally on the 20th August, this was changed to 6th August by RAF Halton, citing service requirements! For the few that are attending, I have organised a hotel – the Bell Hotel in Winslow.

We still have no news on 63 of our members that seem to have vanished without trace. It would be good to try and track them down but I suspect it will not now happen.

18th Feb 2022