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The site is dedicated to giving information about the members of the 91st Apprentice Entry from RAF Halton.

As well as information, the site will also provide areas for comments and stories not just on life at Halton, but career details after leaving that illustrious establishment.

Jim Draper


Status of the Entry:

On Parade: 129 – including 6 who did not pass out with the entry. It matters not – if you joined the 91st, then you are always one of us.

Excused Duties i.e. Those who have passed away : 46 –  again including one who did not pass out with us.

Not on Parade i.e. AWOL: 63.  If you have any information then let us know.

Correct as at 5th October 2016

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A successful reunion was held on the evening of the triennial on the 24th September - lots of beer drunk and lots of chat as we welcomed some new faces to a reunion. Some of the entry stayed over on Friday night and had a convivial evening catching up with friends. Now that the dust has settled, I am looking to a new venue for the 60th anniversary of the year we joined.

The triennial was a pleasant day out with the sun shining and it again was good to meet up with old friends from other entries. The march past was good and the current Camp Commandant had a huge smile on her face all the time we marched (shambled?) past. Sunset was moving but it will be the last time, I fear that the Golden Oldies will play and probably the last time we will march down the hill.

News has reached me that the film 'Allied' starring Brad Pitt is using Halton as a location. Will be interesting to see if any of it is recognisable in the film.

Nick Bale has had a look at the RAFHAA website and found that we feature THREE times on the site. I have put a link out to it on thelonks page so have a looka nd see if you can spot yourself.

I have now created a separate page for each member that sends me his life story - so come on - you all have a story to tell.

I have added a page listing those that are still missing. Have a look at the list and if you know of the whereabouts - or indeed any information - on any of them, please let me know.