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last Updated 27/03/2017


If this list is incorrect, or you know of anyone else who should be added to the list, please contact me at

Name Location E Mail Address Notes
Richard (Jock) Abrahams Scotland  
Richard (Dick) Ainsworth England  
Pete Allen England  
Mick Ashbee England  
Tony Avery England  
Nick Bale England  
Jonathan Barr Spain  
Rog Bevington Englnad  
Jim Bingham England  
Ray Binmore England  
Ken Bird England  
Dick Bogg France  
Pat Bradley England  
Paul Brett Canada  
Richard (Romeo) Browne England  
Mike Bryant England  
Brian Budd England  
Steve Buddle England  
Roger Burgess England  
Dave Burton England  
Dan Cantrell England  
Pat Carroll Scotland  
Francis Chan Jin Kooi Malaysia  
Mike Clegg England  
Maurice Clements England  
Mick Coldwell England  
Martin Collier England  
Lionel (Noddy) Cresswell England  
Paul Culley Scotland  
John Cundy Australia  
Peter Dean England  
Bill Dennis England  
John Marsden England  
Michael Dennison England  
Mike Dew England  
Ken Dixon England  
Jim Draper England  
Ken Duxbury England  
John Flack England  
Bob French England  
Peter Gardiner Africa  
John Garland England  
Bill Gerard England  
John Grant England  
Peter Grant England  
Roland Guilmoto England  
Chris Harrison England  
Malcolm “Bunny” Haslett England  
Brian Hill England  
Mike Holland England  
Colin Horne England  
David Horsburgh England  
Alan Hougham England  
Jim “paddy” Hughes Canada  
Peter Hunton England  
Dave Jackson England  
Richard (Dick) Jeal England  
Clive Johns England  
Patrick Johnson England  
Dave Johnson France  
Mike Keitch Scotland  
Pat Kiggell England  
Chan Jin Kooi Malaysia  
Nicky Kuru-Utumpala Sri Lanka  
David T laken England  
George (Paddy) Lawler Ireland  
Keith Lipscomb England  
Bill Livingston Scotland  
Terry McAlinden Wales  
Angus MacInnes Wales  
Pete Martin England  
Ian McLachlan England  
Bill McLaren England  
David Manzano Venezuela  
Vicent Rodriguez Martinez Venezuela  
Bill McLaren England  
Terry Meagor England  
Dave Mercer England  
Peter Moss Wales  
Kris (Derek) Muthukrishnan Canada  
David R. Nicholas Kenya  
Owen O’Brien England  
Henry OOI Swee Hin Canada  
Frank Parr England  
Roger Paxton England  
Lawrence Porter England  
Graham (Taff) Powell Wales  
Frank Poutney Unknown  
Gordon Pratt England  
Bill Ramsey Scotland  
Martyn Redmore England  
Mike Reid Spain  
Alan Richardson England  
Jose ‘Joe’ Rodriguez Venezeula  
John Roman England  
Geoff Savory England  
Bob Sayers England  
John Shoesmith USA  
David Silver England  
Charles Slack England Remustered to 92nd
Anthony Smith England  
Lance “Bill” Snell Australia  
Ian Spencer-Brown England  
Pete Storey Wales  
Dave Thomas England  
John Twohig Channel Islands  
Doug Vickers Scotland  
Brian (Bill) Wain England  
Peter Walton England  
William(Taff) Ware Wales  
Gord Weekes Canada  
Keith Williams England  
Derek Worth England  
Ralph Worthington England  
Peter Wotton England  
 Fred Yarwood  England  
 John Yeomans  England  


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Many of you will now know that Halton is to close forever in 2022 with the training flight and all supporting staff leaving by 2020, relocating to RAF Cranwell. The fate of the Association as well as the windows in St Georges and the tribute etc is still to be decided

There will be no more triennials and in fact the last reunion of the association will be held in 2020 at the Arboretum to coincide with the centenary of Lord Trenchard's vision as well as being the 40th anniversary of the Association.

WE will be holding a reunion in 2019 to mark the 60th anniversary of our arrival at Halton. Venue has yet to be decided but possibilities will be looked at early in the New Year.

News has reached me that the film 'Allied' starring Brad Pitt is using Halton as a location. Will be interesting to see if any of it is recognisable in the film.

Nick Bale has had a look at the RAFHAA website and found that we feature THREE times on the site. I have put a link out to it on the links page so have a look and see if you can spot yourself.

I have now created a separate page for each member that sends me his life story - so come on - you all have a story to tell.

I have added a page listing those that are still missing. Have a look at the list and if you know of the whereabouts - or indeed any information - on any of them, please let me know.